Specializing in fibre
based bulk transport.


A company with deep roots.

Our Lomak story started over 40 years ago (1977) during a time when our region was one of the largest forest based industries in the world. We’re a company with deep roots throughout northern BC with local ownership and a solid history of servicing the forestry, mining and other industries in our area.

We are a fibre based bulk transportation company based in Prince George, BC, serving the forest industry throughout much of northern BC.  We specialize in the bulk transportation of residual fibre (hog fuel) as well as log hauling.  We have a first-class fleet that is comprised of new, high-quality, equipment, which is also heavily maintained to ensure our trucks are always available and on the road.

At Lomak we work hard to ensure that those who connect with our business have a positive experience.  Our team appreciates that we are a family business built on values that have stayed true for over 40 years, with a high priority on safety.  For our customers, they know us for going above and beyond, being trusted, reliable, safe and progressive in our approach and services.

We are a company that works hard to be profitable, but without compromising our connection with our team and the effort we put forward with our customers.  We love that we are a little different, putting focus on innovation and efficiency and that our customers see the value of all of these efforts each and every day we work with them.

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Lomak’s mission is to design and deliver cost effective distribution systems.  As a dedicated partner of our customers, we are committed to supplying quality service, safety, responsiveness and innovation at competitive prices.  A commitment to continuous improvement through effective leadership, teamwork, training and knowledge will enhance pride and dedication of workmanship and offer growth and opportunity for all employees.  At the same time, these commitments will ensure a profitable return for our shareholders.