President’s Message

I take great pride in being the president of Lomak.

Our success at Lomak is a direct result of our employees embracing our core values and meeting our customer expectations.  We attract and retain our employees by treating everybody like family and having a team first attitude.

We take all necessary steps to provide a safe and healthy environment for all our employees. We are all held accountable for our actions in our day to day activities in the public eye and our customers facilities’.

At Lomak we continually look at ways to improve our processes to make our jobs safer, more efficient, and ultimately benefit our employees and our customers. The service Lomak provides to our valued customers is something that cannot be repeated by others.

Lomak is a very proud company with a long heritage in the communities we operate in and we are always looking for long term growth opportunities as we grow our brand. We are a company that stands behind what we commit to, and will always be fair, truthful, and sincere in all our actions.

Mike Grimm

President Mike Grimm