LOMAK BULK CARRIERS CORP Residual Wood Fibre and Log Hauling.

Welcome to a company with a deeply rooted history within the forest industry. Lomak Bulk Carriers Corp. is a fibre based bulk transportation company of residual fibre (hog fuel) as well as log hauling located in Prince George, British Columbia.

We share the roads with thousands, moving fibre products for final use. Our fleet puts so many kilometers on that you can say we circle earth each and every day. Lomak is a company that is progressive, very safety driven and family oriented. We are excited to share our Lomak story with you and encourage you to continue and learn more about us.

Discover the Lomak Difference

At Lomak we do things a little differently. Hear from our team members first-hand on their experience.

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So much in fact that our kilometers add up to us driving at least once around the world each and every day. Ensuring our team shares the road safely with everyone and being as environmentally sound as possible is always a key focus for us.

Leading the Way

The management at Lomak are always honest, transparent and proactive in scheduling work, and are not afraid to communicate when increased workloads are stretching their resources. Lomak takes the approach of striving to be successful in all work they accept, while not wanting to disappoint their customer by over promising and under-delivering.

Jason Mattioli, Manager, Fibre Supply , West Fraser