An integral leader
within our industry


Lomak has a long history of embracing transportation challenges. 

We have been an integral leader within our industry and communities, continually improving on processes, creating solutions that improve on transport systems and help make projects more economical. Our passion for these advancements is not for accolades but to help our business, as well as yours, be safer, more environmentally friendly and more productive.  We’ve been one of the first to introduce many new technologies and advancements, and we continue this journey today.

Our Core Values…

Safety:  We strive to ensure the safety and wellness of all employees, customers, suppliers and our community by maintaining our focus on safety and wellness.

Accountability:  We always hold ourselves accountable for our actions in all that we do.

Continuous Improvement:  We endeavor to do better, to grow, to learn and to excel by challenging ourselves and each other to be better at what we do.

Integrity:  We hold true to honesty, fairness, truthfulness and sincerity in all our actions.

Pride:  We are proud of the heritage of our company and of our achievements, and we strive to be faithful to our past while moving forward to a successful future with humility.

Quality:  We are committed to the delivery of safe and reliable superior service to our customers, our coworkers, and our community.

Teamwork:  We work together to meet our common goals and encourage success by being respectful, understanding and supportive of each other and our community.